How To Measure Your Dog for a Collar?

  1. The best way to measure for your dog's collar is to take off the current collar and lay it by a ruler (take a look at the photo).
  2. Next, place the female end of the buckle at the beginning of the ruler (far left in this photo) and measure across, stopping just before the 'teeth' that get inserted into the other end. This collar measures about 15 1/2".
  3. You may also wrap a soft tape measure around his/her neck, leaving your 2 fingers in between the tape measure and the neck. Measure where the collar typically sits on the neck. If you don't have a soft tape measure, use a piece of string or yarn, and measure it against a ruler.

All collars are adjustable and cover a pretty wide range, so an exact measurement is not critical. If you seem to fall in between 2 sizes, order the larger size. And please feel free to contact us if you're not sure which size to order - we're happy to help!

How Do Sizes Run?

LaVilla Dog Works Collar Sizing Chart

Fits neck size 7-10"
Width 5/8"
Fits neck size 10-15"
Width 3/4"
Fits neck size 12-19"
Width 3/4"
Fits neck size 15-24"
Width 1-2"
Fits neck size 17-29"
Width 1-2"

What Types Of Buckles Are There?

Black Buckle

Collars clasp with a black, plastic, contoured, easy-release buckle. These classic collars are perfect for small dogs and dogs that don't pull much when on a leash.

Metal Buckle

Collars clasp with a metal easy-release buckle. They have a nickel-plated finish with a Stainless steel pin and spring. These are recommended for dogs that like the chrome look and strong dogs that pull when on a leash. A layer of polypropylene webbing is added for strength.


Collars are used as a training collar and are made with a chain for the tightening loop. A layer of polypropylene webbing is added for strength.

Fabrics, Care & Safety

What Fabrics Are Used?

Most of the novelty fabrics we use are 100% cotton. The solid color fabrics are called 'bottom weights' and are a combination of cotton and polyester.

We buy our novelty fabrics in small quantities so that we can have a larger variety of choices. Unfortunately, sometimes we run out of a fabric and cannot get more. If you have placed an order and we find that the fabric is no longer available, we will notify you as soon as possible.

If you see a fabric you like in one of the website's photos, but don't see the fabric on the order page, we probably cannot get it anymore. But feel free to contact us to see if we have a little lying around.

How to Clean Our Collars & Leashes?

All of our collars and leashes are machine washable (please use cold water) and can be hung or laid out to dry (we do not recommend putting them in the dryer) Yes, even the metal buckles can be washed!

We suggest you put the items in a delicates bag or a pillowcase so that the metal doesn't bang up the inside of your washing machine.

Like a favorite pair of jeans, your collars & leashes will wear and fade over time. Be sure to inspect them regularly for tears and excessive wear.

Are the Collars Safe?

Although our collars are strong, we DO NOT RECOMMEND our products for tie-out. Please keep your dog safe!

LaVilla Dog Works, LLC is not responsible for any injury or loss caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of our products.


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