Brennan Papa Obituary

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I read somewhere that writing an obituary for your pet can be helpful as you mourn. This is my attempt.

Brennan Superman Papa, age 15-16, passed away peacefully at home on Monday, August 27, 2018, without pain, struggle, or fear. In fact, he snored right up until his last breaths.
Brennan was adopted from the Capital District Humane Association on November 22, 2008 by his best friend, Gina. He was believed to be a full-blooded Lhasa Apso, and had the stubbornness, temperament, and adorability of the breed.
Brennan enjoyed car rides and being at home and watching television, with the couch being his most favorite spot. He didn't care for toys or games, but was incredibly nosy and could watch out the window for hours. Winter was his favorite season.
He loved to be around people, but didn't like to be touched or cuddled. He also wasn't crazy about other dogs, but would tolerate them when necessary. Manny R. was his only BFF.
He was the inspiration for his family's dog collar business, and served as Chief Consultant, tester, and model. He posed like a professional! His favorite foods included chicken, eggs, and steamed cauliflower.
He is survived by his housemates, business partners, and biggest fans, Fred & Gina; canine cousins Gino and Max; his super special caretakers, Aunt Susie and cousin Jackie; and Gina's parents who spoliled him with endless cookies.
Brennan's family would like to thank all the people that worked with him along his journey, especially his foster mother Terry, his trainer Sylvia at Dogs R Us, daycare owner Aunt Jenny, groomers Nikki and later & Donielle at Muttly Krew Kutz, Dr. Stipe & the staff at Noah's Ark Animal Hospital and last but not least, Dr. Roger Blankfein of In the Comfort of Home - House Call Pet Euthanasia.
He will be missed beyond belief, and loved forever.
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