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We have something that will not only help you be seen, it can also make your presence known!

Our reflective Dog leads are constructed with 3M reflective material. We use 3M materials because of their proven performance and durability in real world use. It works in the rain, it works in the snow, it stays flexible in extreme cold and doesn't come off on your hand in the heat. Another perk is, like our leashes, it is fine with machine washing.

Our reflective Dog leads can also be custom made to reflect a personalized message!

The message can be about pretty much anything you like. They are great for brightly displaying an Ad for a Business, the Dog's attitude, the Persons attitude, and, well, you get the idea. With the lettering and graphics also being made with 3M reflective materials, you know they will be noticed!

Click HERE to order on of our Personalized reflective dog leads.

If you would like more information, or to order a special leash with extra handles or maybe a matching personalized reflective collar, send us a note through the CONTACT PAGE.

Walter is a very fun Newfoundland

How the reflective personalized leash looks in the day time.

This business want to make sure their client is seen when they are taking them for a walk

Our leashes are customizable on both sides!

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