Big Dogs need Big Collars!

How big do they come?

Our Xtra-Large collar adjusts from 17" - all the way up to 29"

What if my dog needs something bigger?

If you need a collar bigger than 29" around, please order the X-Large and put in the comments the actual size you need. Or feel free to contact us - we're happy to place the order for you!

How wide are the collars?

The standard width of a X-Large collar is 1".  Many are also available in 1.5" or a 2" width.  Some people call these 'thick dog collars'.  If your dog has a long enough neck, a 1.5" or 2" wide collar will really show it off.   Many of our collars come in these extra wide widths; if so, the width options will be listed in the drop down on the order page.

If you are not sure how a 1.5" or 2" wide collar will look on your dog, just cut a strip of paper to that width and wrap it around the dog's neck. If it looks too much like a turtleneck, or the dog seems bothered by it, try the next width down. The wider the collar, the more it shows, but comfort should come first.

Sounds good - how do I order?

The X-large and X-wide collars are listed on our Collars page right along with all the other sizes. First, decide which fabric or pattern you like and then choose the size and the width you'd like in the drop downs. Many but not all of our collars come in extra wide widths. The available width options will be listed in the drop down.

You will also choose your buckle type - a classic black plastic buckle, a metal buckle, or even a martingale chain (buckle types are explained on each collar page).

Why we love 'em big!

Gina says, "Our very first weekend in business we set up a booth at a local adoption event and fundraiser. While we were there, we watched a minivan drive past us with a dog in the backseat that had the biggest head I had ever seen! His name was Ross and he was a 180 lb, 1 yr old English Mastiff. 

His owner Bobbi Jo asked, "do you have anything to fit him? I have a very hard time finding him collars." Our X-Large collar fit him just fine, but it looked so narrow on his big neck. Bobbi Jo asked, "can you make something wider? He has a lot of neck!"

We ended up doubling the width and came up with our first 2" wide collar. Today, Ross wears a 2" wide collar that is 34 inches around!

Big dogs now have a very special place my heart. Growing up, I was a big kid and I remember very well what it felt like to see the other kids in clothes that I wanted, but didn’t come in my size. I vowed, after that first meeting with Ross, that our collars would be available in sizes and widths for the big dogs because Big Dogs deserve fun collars, too!

Want even MORE options?

We have an Etsy shop dedicated to dog's that need 2" wide collars. We often have additional patterns and sizes available. Click here to visit our Etsy shop - where its all about the big guys and gals!

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